David Rockwell / Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group is a cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm that creates extraordinary experiences and built environments across the globe. We've worked together on many projects over the years and established a longstanding creative and collaborative relationship with David Rockwell. Our mutual admiration for each other's work naturally led us to create two leather collections together, specially crafted to meet the demands of high traffic environments.

More About the Cherish and Bravura Collections

Inspired by a beloved, distressed leather jacket, Cherish perfectly blends richness and performance. Special finishing techniques bring out the beauty of the material, embodying the aesthetic of relaxed luxury, along with exceptional durability needed for high traffic environments. The waterproof finish provides antibacterial protection, as well as stain and scratch resistance.

Bravura is a meticulously crafted collection that pushes boundaries and intertwines artistry with performance. Metallic, hand-brushed tipping gives this leather an unexpected edge. The energetic play of colors with warm and cool tones emphasizes the natural grain of the leather, while the fully protected finish provides superior wear-resistance. The Bravura collection is designed for those who seek to make a statement with a more expressive look and infuse their projects with a sense of drama.

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New Forest Collection

Mark Berryman Design

Mark Berryman Design specializes in high-end interiors for superyachts of distinction. They share our passion for ingenuity and authenticity in handcrafted luxury and often specify our products for their clients. Our mutual curiosity for innovation in colors, patterns and textures led to our collaboration and the development of the New Forest collection.

More About the New Forest Collection

The four lines of the New Forest Collection, Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven, are inspired by the idyllic glades and ancient woodlands of the New Forest Nature Reserve, located near Mark Berryman Design studio in the UK. The spirit of this ancient habitat is personified by the introspective artistry and personal handcraft of each article, resulting in attractive visual and tactile appeal. All made with European, premium quality hides, the depth and nuance of color ensures beautifully versatile and enduring products. In a world of ever-increasing stress, the New Forest Collection offers a haven of harmony, featuring organic materials that bring the serenity of the outdoors into interiors. The leathers in the New Forest Collection can be used in any way you desire to create timeless appeal for any space or application.

Nurtured By Nature Collection


After comprehensive research and development with Gensler’s product development team, we developed the Nurtured by Nature collection. Garrett Leather promotes natural materials. Nature inspires. It refreshes. It reminds us of the beauty found in the smallest details. Our Nurtured By Nature collection gives the elements of the natural world—from plants, trees, animals, rivers and air to all that your imagination can create.

More About Nurtured by Nature

The Nurtured by Nature collection includes four patterns. Fronds adds air and texture at small and large scale applications. It pays homage to the graceful sweep of one of earth’s oldest plants. Tendrils evokes air and water and wind with its elegant sense of gentle rippling movement. Hive is an etched texture with a naturally inconsistent pattern. And Honeycomb, nature’s original maker space, is a geometric powerhouse enhanced through the depth of a consistent embossed pattern. Fronds, Tendrils and Hive are etched patterns available on six colorways that give depth and the pride of patina. Honeycomb is an embossed pattern exclusive to Garrett Leather. It is available in three hues of full grain leather that ages to perfection like stones or wood worn by rushing waters.

Wall Panels & tiles

Harcourt London

We collaborated with Harcourt London, talented leather artisans located in the United Kingdom, to expand our Wall Panel and Wall Tile offerings. With innovative vision, design excellence and meticulous attention to details, Harcourt London developed three beautiful styles of architectural wall panels and wall tiles exclusively for Garrett Leather. These artistic panels and tiles provide three dimensional designs to add depth and design to any interior setting.

More About Wall Panels & Tiles

Alpine Tiles are a modern take on the rugged peaks of the Italian Alps and offer a beautiful three dimensional pattern. Bespoke patterns are standard, with over 600 hues to fuel creativity. Cast Panels are inspired by the architecture of the buildings and bridges of Harcourt’s home city of London. Cast Panels combine bold lines with shadow play and luxurious leather. Pitched Panels evoke a modern luxury when finished in Italian leather.

Alpine Tiles, Cast Panels, and Pitched Panels are handcrafted in the USA.

Alpine Tiles

Design a statement wall with these three-dimensional overlapping tiles

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Cast Panels

Cast Panels provide additional design elements with a routed surface

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Pitched Panels

These unique vertical panels are lightweight and easy to install

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