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  1. Summer Refresh at the Garrett Leather Showroom

    Garrett Leather Showroom


    For a fun SUMMER REFRESH event at our Garrettt Leather Showroom in the D&D Building in NYC.

    We'll be hosting an Open House with new product presentations served with light refreshments.



    Wednesday, July 24, 2024



    Noon – 5pm



    Garrett Leather Showroom at the D&D Building

    Suite 1107

    979 Third Ave, NYC 10022


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  2. Introducing Cherish and Bravura: In Collaboration With Rockwell Group

    Cherish and Bravura

    Garrett Leather, in Creative Collaboration with David Rockwell, Introduces Two New High-Performance Collections We're excited to announces the launch of two new collections – Cherish and Bravura. These collections blend timeless craftsmanship and contemporary design, catering to the discerning tastes of interior designers and architects worldwide. Garrett Leather collaborated with David Rockwell and Rockwell Group, a distinguished architecture and design firm celebrated for creating extraordinary experiences and transformative designs across the globe.


    “Garrett Leather and Rockwell Group have a longstanding collaborative relationship.” said David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group. It was natural for the two companies to create something together. “Rather than coming to us with a specific brief, Garrett Leather offered us a really ‘blue sky’ opportunity to conceive two new collections that combine Rockwell Group’s deep experience with luxury hospitality a

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  3. Reducing Our Carbon Emissions with Solar Panels

    Solar Panels at Garrett Leather

    As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency, we installed more than 300 state-of-the-art high-efficiency solar panels on the rooftop of our corporate headquarters located in Buffalo, New York.

    The solar panel installation is expected to generate 169.6 megawatts of clean, renewable energy annually and achieve an annual carbon offset of 120.3 metric tons, which is equivalent to 143.2 acres of new forest planted. By harnessing the power of the sun, we will significantly reduce our carbon emissions, leading to a decrease in our overall carbon footprint and dependence on non-renewable energy sources. This significant investment in renewable energy aligns with our long-term commitment to environmental responsibility and corporate citizenship.

    "Garrett Leather is excited to embark on this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future,” said Max Brown, President, who is an avid outdoor enthusiast. “We believe that corporate responsibility is

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  4. Join us in Welcoming Julia Cotsarelis as our New Account Executive

    Julia Cotsarelis

    Julia Cotsarelis

    Join us in welcoming Julia Cotsarelis as your new Account Executive for 5 NYC Burroughs, New Jersey and Fairfield County. Julia, an experienced interior designer and industry professional educated at NY School of Interior Design, seamlessly bridges the gap between design and sales. With a background in high-end residential and commercial design, she excels at fostering relationships within the A&D community.

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  5. Introducing Nine New Colors To Our Esteemed Flight Collection


    We are pleased to introduce the addition of nine new colors to our Flight selection, further elevating the collection’s timeless palette. This expanded color offering was developed with aircraft design in mind; however, the smooth hand, consistent grain and exceptional durability make Flight suitable across multiple industries.

    Flight’s array of new colors blends style and innovation, seamlessly evoking the precision, functionality, and refinement of a private aircraft interior. The inviting touch and semi-matte finish serve as a reliable backdrop for incorporating striking colors and texture, as well as bold architectural elements. Calm, tonal hues allow natural light to illuminate your interior, while deep, foundational tones add contrast and warmth.

    Flight is a perfect harmony of dependable performance and the luxury of full grain comfort. While designed to transform the in-flight experience into a haven of elegance, Flight is a gorgeous option for any upholstery app

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  6. Introducing A Vibrant Array of New Contemporary Colors

    Cadence, Bellissimo & Journey

    Introducing an exquisite range of 24 new colors across three distinguished collections. The array of new colors, carefully curated by our team of talented developers and leather experts, encompasses a diverse palette that combines timeless classics with contemporary hues. .

    The captivating colors include the following three well-known collections from Garrett Leather. From classic style to contemporary expression, this spectrum of possibilities resonates with various perspectives. The new colors of Cadence, Journey and Bellissimo appeal to every lifestyle, ensuring there is something for everyone..


    Experience the epitome of sophistication with Cadence. The ethereal colors of Cadence are soothing, reliable, and thoughtful. This palette of inclusive neutrals encourages relaxation and elevates the space around us. Designers can indulge in the classic style of Cadence with the

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  7. Introducing Premium Olive Tanned Leather

    Mira Collection

    We are pleased to introduce Mira; a collection of olive tanned, natural grain, premium leather. This exclusive collection is a unique pull-up leather with self-healing resiliency. Mira, meaning “to look” or “behold”, encourages designers to experience the restorative capabilities, rich colors, exceptionally soft hand, and pleasant fragrance that this leather offers.

    Mira balances luxury and sustainability with a heightened focus on material awareness and longevity. Olive tanning reduces carbon emissions and has an overall lower environmental impact. It facilitates a circular economy, safeguarding value in the form of energy, revitalization, labor and materials. The patented wet-green® OBE tanning agent is a byproduct of fallen olive tree leaves sourced in the Mediterranean. Rather than burning or discarding the leaves, they are collected and brewed like a tea. The same active ingredients in this extract can be found in extra virgin olive oil and natural cosmetics. The result is a bio

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  8. Introducing the New Forest Collection: Bringing the Serenity of the Outdoors into Interiors

    Garrett Leather has collaborated with Mark Berryman Design to create the exclusive collection; New Forest. Located in the New Forest studio on the south coast of England, Mark Berryman Design specializes in high-end interiors for superyachts of distinction and shares a passion for ingenuity and authenticity in handcrafted luxury.

    The four lines of the New Forest Collection, Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven, are inspired by the idyllic glades and ancient woodlands of the New Forest Nature Reserve. The spirit of this ancient habitat is personified by the introspective artistry and personal handcraft of each article. All made with European, premium quality hides, the depth and nuance of color ensures beautifully versatile and enduring products. Hawkhill, Bolderwood, Exbury and Keyhaven are all sold in full hides averaging 54-57 square feet. They pass IMO flammability requirements for private yachts and may be treated to pass FAR requirements for aviation use.

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  9. Introducing Bellissimo: Distressed Italian Leather with a Scratch-Resistant Finish

    Introducing a collection of sixteen distressed leathers designed to be remarkably livable, strikingly relaxed, and best of all, unexpectedly tasteful. Each uniquely beautiful. Bellissimo is designed to take what life dishes out, including the busy, active movements of kids, pets, and people. Its classic colors, casual appearance, and virtually scratch-resistant surface make it an excellent option for all upholstery applications, especially high traffic areas. It passes IMO flammability requirements for private yachts and may be treated to pass FAR requirements for aviation use.

    Whether it’s used to adorn your client’s prestigious office space, comfortable home, relaxing yacht, or private jet, this remarkable leather will endure all of life’s precious moments with ease and grow even more beautiful over time. Liberate yourself and embrace the noncurated, unembellished moments in life, without worry. That’s Bellissimo.

    Live your life. Love your leather.

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  10. Garrett Leather Purchases Mohawk River Leather Works

    It is with great excitement that we announce the acquisition of Mohawk River Leather Works, a leather finishing company dedicated to the time-honored craft of finishing natural, premium leather.

    Mohawk River Leather Works is equipped for embossing, hand-tipping, antiquing, and other high-end custom finishes. With the expertise of the talented team at MRLW, we meet the rising demand for custom leathers. To maintain our high-quality standards, we have invested in over 100,000 square feet of premium European dyed hides specifically for custom requests. This opens new opportunities for you to push your creative visions even further with confidence.

    Let Garrett Leather alleviate your supply chain challenges. We continue to maintain our extensive inventory of leather for quick shipment and now we can fulfill your needs for custom finishes with smaller minimums and shorter lead times. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality leather with superior service.

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