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Meet Garrett Leather

While Garrett Leather continues to evolve and grow as a company, our commitment to the craft of leather and the happiness of our customers remains the same.

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About Garrett Leather

Drawing its name from its origin, Garrett Leather came to life in founder Cameron Brown’s attic, known as a Garret in old English. Today, after growing from those humble beginnings, Garrett Leather is the leather upholstery partner of choice. Our leather defines the prominent spaces of the business and home and adorns the interiors of what takes us across the blue skies, the open road and the vast ocean.

We specialize in helping interior designers, upholsterers and manufacturers find the perfect leather for the aircraft, automotive, yacht, commercial and interior markets and more. We also offer opportunities for our clients to learn more about the intricacies of leather and its applications. Garrett Leather remains privately-owned and family-run to strengthen our deep commitment to personal attention and care for each of our clients.

Our craft is personal to each of us, and we’re intentional in choosing sustainable business partnerships and leading a sustainable practice. We source our leather collections from the highest quality raw material selections throughout Europe. Maintaining strong relationships with the most elite and ethically responsible tanneries, we work together to create purposeful leather products.